Clinical Pilates

What are Clinical Pilates Classes?

They are the leading form of exercise targeting control/stability, strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. Great emphasis is placed on correct posture and optimal biomechanics designed to improve efficiency to move. It can be floor or equipment based including mat-work with small apparatus (balls/bands), reformers, wunda chairs and trapeze tables.

Clinical Pilates classes are taught by Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologist for clients with current or previous injuries or pain. Individual programs are developed which target problem areas and goals to achieve best possible results. Programs are designed for all levels, from first timers to advanced. 

Who is suitable for Clinical Pilates Classes?

  • Neck and/or upper back pain
  • Shoulder pain and dysfunction
  • Lower back pain
  • Pelvic and/or hip pain
  • Post surgery – spinal, shoulder, hip, knee
  • Pre- and post-natal
  • Pelvic floor retraining
  • Degenerative joints
  • Postural and flexibility issues
  • Athletes
  • General conditioning and fitness
  • General well being
  • Injury prevention

Why do Clinical Pilates Classes?

It is well known that pain can inhibit the function of the surrounding muscles and the way we move. Once pain has gone the muscle function does not automatically return to normal. It is necessary to improve motor control and strength to address this movement dysfunction and reduce likelihood of pain returning again. 

Clinical Pilates Classes at Bounce 

Multiple classes run across all sites. Classes utilize the latest equipment including trapeze table, reformers, wunda chairs, small apparatus and mat. Our clinicians are up to date with the latest research and are extremely experienced in the pilates method. 

Pilates Timetable - Blackburn

Pilates Timetable - North Ringwood

Pilates Timetable - Rowville



We require a pre-assessment before you begin our classes, with one of our experienced physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologist to ensure we can structure the best program for you.

An individual consultation is approximately 40 minutes and can be claimed with private health extras cover. Preassessments must be booked via phone only, the preassessment is conducted by the clinician running the class you join and there are limited spots available. 


Semi-Private Classes

Suitable for all people, ranging from those with current lower back pain to those who wish to do Clinical Pilates classes for general fitness and/or to enhance sporting performance. There is a maximum of 5-6 participants, guaranteeing close supervision to ensure exercises are performed correctly. Individualised programs are tailored for each person. An individual’s problem areas are addressed and goals are looked at so that you may achieve the best possible results. Programs are designed for all levels, from first timers to advanced. We also utilise specialised Pilates equipment in this class, including reformers & trapeze tables.

Class Timetable 

PILATES - Bounce Blackburn

PILATES - Bounce Rowville

PILATES - Bounce North Ringwood


Clinical Pilates (Sports) Classes for Teenagers/Young Adults 

A pay on the day casual class specifically designed for teenagers & young adults (11-25 years); aimed at injury prevention and performance enhancement. Classes focus on ensuring a controlled balance between core control and general strength. This sessions runs weekly -

Wedneday's 5.45pm at Blackburn with Tim.

Alternative Class Options

If you are interested in alternative class times or keen to do a small group private class with a family member/ friend (2 to 5 participants) we do offer this service. We also offer individual 1 on 1 sessions. Please call us to find out more and to organise a suitable time. 

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