Cancer Treatment - “Exercise is the best medicine”

Our Exercise Physiologists at Bounce Health Group are tertiary qualified health professionals who can help you through your cancer treatment. We believe exercise should be prescribed to all cancer patients as part of their routine care.

Cancer Survivors

RUING RECCURRENCE…Practical advice for athletes with a history of soft tissue injuries

It’s an exciting time of year! Pre-season for winter sport is back and whether you’re an Australian Rules, Soccer, Hockey or Netball athlete, it’s great to be completing in comfortable conditions before the single-digit centigrade weekends hit.


Shoulder Bursitis - Tell me about it!?

Patients with persistent shoulder pain may be sent for an ultrasound scan revealing an inflamed bursae. Directed treatment at this structure (e.g cortisone injections) often results in temporary resolution, however pain and disability returns quickly. It is now well documented that bursitis may only be a symptom of an underlying condition; just the tip of the iceberg.

Injury Prevention and the RTP Performance Continuum - 10/11 Dec 2016

What can we do to optimise recovery from injury to reduced risk of reinjury? Are we effectivity monitoring and assessing return to play readiness? How does the brain affect return to play/sport? Can we reduce the risk of re-injury? This event is suitable for physios and exercise physiologists.

Injury Prevention


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