Hydrotherapy is a gentle form of exercise performed in a pool approximately 33-35 degrees. 

All Bounce Hydrotherapy classes are taken by a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist who will guide you safely through an exercise program to help with your specific injury condition.

Hydrotherapy allows you to work on strength and flexibility in a setting where you have less impact and weight bearing due to the buoyancy of the water. 

Hydrotherapy is appropriate for

  • Spinal injuries
  • Joint/muscle injuries
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Osetoarthritis 

Pre-Hydrotherapy Assessment 

Beforing commencing our classes we require a pre- hydrotherapy assessment with one of our Physiotherapist in our clinic. We also require a GP medical consent form completed by your doctor, this is to ensure your participation is safe and appropriate. A pre- hydrotherapy assessment is claimable under Private Health extras cover.  

Hydrotherapy GP Medical Consent Form

Hydrotherapy Classes

We run 1 weekly Hydrotherapy class -

Tuesday's: 1.00pm-1.45pm at the Box Hill Aqualink with Raymond.

Box Hill AqualinkSurrey Dr, Box Hill VIC 3128

For more information or to book your in clinic pre-hydrotherapy assessment, please call Bounce on 1300 855 442.


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