Boost your Cancer Treatment- “Exercise is the best medicine”

Our Exercise Physiologists at Bounce Health Group are tertiary qualified health professionals who can help you through your cancer treatment. We believe exercise should be prescribed to all cancer patients as part of their routine care. Through the prescription of individualised exercise programming, our aim is to help you manage and minimise the side effects associated with cancer therapy and most importantly help you live a physically active lifestyle. And there is evidence to show exercise assists in cancer related symptoms and side effects.

Whether it be while undergoing chemo or radiation therapy, recovering from surgery or in remission, recent evidence shows that exercise can -

  • Reduce cancer-related fatigue - which we all know is a common problem
  • Ease chemo side effects, such as nausea
  • Alleviate psychological distress
  • Reduce the development of new cancers
  • Improve physical function such as strength

We understand patients receiving chemotherapy may experience fluctuating levels of sickness, fatigue and mental health during treatment cycles. As all our exercise prescription is individualised to your situation, we will provide modifications to your program depending on your tolerance and provide you with education of exercise type, frequency & duration.

Recommended Guidelines 

The evidence-based guidelines recommend people with cancer be as physically active as their current ability and conditions allow. For significant health benefits, they should aim for:

  • at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise weekly (such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming)
  • 2-3 resistance exercise sessions each week involving moderate to vigorous intensity exercises.

For more information regarding this, please read the most recent Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Position Statement on “exercise in cancer care”.

What we offer at Bounce 

  • 1:1 Exercise Physiology sessions focusing on individualised program prescription to suit your abilities
  • Supervised group classes
  • Close working arrangements with physiotherapists & other allied health professionals to ensure an optimal treatment plan is adopted

Cancer Survivors

Exercise Physiology Classes Timetable at Blackburn & Rowville

Exercise Physiology Gym Timetable

See what our current clients have to say about their cancer journey with Bounce Health Group -

“Prognosis suggested 6 months but now I’ve been given a 2nd chance with many more years to enjoy. I’ve had a 17-month cancer journey with a miraculous recovery. It’s behind me now and I am chemo free. Attending Bounce Health for 1:1 exercise sessions during early treatment and the supervised exercise classes in most recent days, I have absolutely noticed it’s benefits, finding improvements of regaining body strength and mobility.”-Chai

“My oncologist referred me to the EP at Bounce Health advising that exercise helped manage fatigue and improve treatment. Prior to my diagnosis I lead quite an active lifestyle, but I do believe that professional exercise advice and eating well helped my mental well-being as well as my immune system. I am very relieved to say I am cancer free but still continuing with my exercise routine and have noticed great improvement in my muscle development”-anonymous

“After experiencing pain in my feet one month after starting chemo for ovarian cancer, my oncologist referred me to an Exercise Physiologist at Bounce Health. The exercises prescribed to me for home and my individualised group class program at Bounce Health helped a great deal with the problems I was having with my feet. After having 2 bouts of cancer and unfortunately recently finding out I have a slow growth grade 1 cancer in my right breast, I am fighting the battle again. I will be continuing my exercise program at home and in clinic at Bounce to remain active. Exercise helps strongly with my frustration and to clear my mind. I feel I am doing something positive for myself to stop cancers returning.” -anonymous

If you would like any further information about how our exercise physiologists can help you or a family member suffering from Cancer please feel free to call us and we will have one of our exercise physiologists talk to you directly knowing we want you to have the correct information from the team that will be supporting you or a family member.


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