Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Program: 16yrs & under

The LTAD Program is designed for emerging athletes who want additional support to assist them in their athletic and sporting development. Adolescence is a critical period of growth and a time where teaching the correct way to move not only aids to reduce injury risk but also accelerates performance.

Our LTAD classes place great emphasis on the correct movement patterns and technique with fundamental strength exercises. This program is designed to challenge the young athlete but also provide them with the building blocks to progress onto more serious forms of strength and conditioning in later adolescent years.

At Bounce Health Group we have been working at the pointy end of sports medicine with junior athletes for 15+ years and understand that young athletes are not the same as adult athletes. Too often we see junior athletes presenting with bone related stress injuries, or persisting growth plate related issues that could have been avoided with better movement patterns, a tailored strength program and the right advice around load management.

It is apparent now, more than ever, that many kids are taking on too much, being pulled in so many different directions, and their bodies are not equipped with the strength and resilience to cope. Injury rates such as ACL’s are at an all-time high in junior sport and there needs to be more programs in place that help young athletes move better and get stronger. We have seen many top athletes over the years fail to fulfill their dreams, whether that be to make a rep team or a national team, as they have been overloaded in their developmental years, and never had a chance to succeed. It is seeing the same pattern repeatedly, year after year, that has led us to do something about it as a sports medicine clinic.

By introducing specialised strength classes, investing in the latest technology and research, we hope to make a difference, because nothing drives us more than seeing young athletes playing the sport they love and performing, rather than sitting on the sidelines injured, or never reaching their potential.

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What sets us apart from other strength and conditioning gyms is that by being part of our athlete development program you have access to your own sports medicine team, the same sports physiotherapists and sports physicians that work at clubs such as:

  • Carlton Football Club
  • Southside Flyers WNBL
  • Australian Opals
  • Eastern Rangers TAC Cup AFL Program
  • Basketball Victoria Elite Junior Academy
  • Gymnastics Australia
  • AFL Concussion Consultants and many other clubs & programs. 

If any niggles or injuries pop up, our Exercise Physiologist apart from having a masters degree in injury rehab, can also consult our Sports Physiotherapists and Sports Physicians to ensure prompt assessment and treatment, something that only exists in elite sport!

We are driven to help young athletes succeed!

What you get:

    • 12-week program
    • 1 hour supervised strength and conditioning class per week, with our Masters trained Exercise Physiologist (max 5 athletes) (Value: $480)
    • 2x30 min 1:1 program performance review at weeks 4 and 8 (Value: $160)
    • Unlimited use of gym facility during the 12 week program - come workout in your own time (Value: $300)
    • 1x 90 min High performance athlete testing session at week 12 (Value: $299)
    • Personal use of the top strength and conditioning programming app that the pro teams use called Teambuildr.
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    • Part of the Bounce Health Sports Medicine Clinic with in house referrals to our specialist team with sponsored physiotherapy rates.

Your investment:

  • Initial assessment – High Performance Athlete Testing (60mins in person) - $199 (value $100 – normally $299).
  • Then $60/week with private health rebates (12- week minimum term)
  • Dedication to be the best athlete you can

The Process:

  • Call up and book your initial assessment into the ADP program.
  • You will be sent an online survey to complete prior to your appointment.
  • You will then complete your initial assessment ‘Athlete High Performance Testing’ and you will receive a report of your testing results and areas to focus on.
  • Our exercise physiologist will then write your individual strength & conditioning program based off the testing results and load this onto your Teambuildr app.   
  • Your 12-week journey to becoming a better athlete will then commence the Monday of the following week, where direct debits will start.

 To book your Initial testing and sign up to the LTAD click here 

PROMO: First 10 athletes to sign up get their own Flux © Massage Gun to the value of $220 to use at home!

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