News - 6 January 2020

Let's Get To The Pointe

We all know that image of a ballerina gracefully striking a pose on the tips of her toes. It looks effortless, right? Ballet is renowned for being full of grace and beauty but the strength behind each and every ballerina in order to make things look so easy is awe inspiring.

Pointe 2

The endless hours spent training, strengthening, stretching are all worth it when you can get up on stage and feel like you can fly. We all know that our budding ballerina’s aspire to be like one of the greats, and long for the day they get their first pair of pointe shoes so they can be just like their idols. Our Job is to make sure they get there safely.

Getting on pointe is far more than just getting the shoes. It’s making sure our dancers are strong enough, flexible enough, and are at the right point in their growth and training to cope with the increased demands that pointe work puts on a young dancers body.

So, what do I look for during your pointe assessment? What is your natural alignment like? Do you have any extra movement through your joints that I need to be aware of?

  • What is the natural makeup of your feet? Will you need toe spacers or specific considerations for your pointe shoes?
  • Can you control your knee and foot position through your turnout? Can you keep good alignment through a demi plie, a ronde de jambe, rising up onto your toes?
  • How many calf raises can you do with good form?   Will you be able to control your feet in your pointe shoes?
  • How much range do you have through your feet? Will you be able to get up onto the block of your pointe shoes with ease?   
  • How much range and strength have you got through your hips? Are you going to be able to control your turnout dancing on pointe?
  • Sounds like a lot, I know. But these are all important considerations when a dancer is preparing to dance en pointe for the first time.

Don't feel discouraged if you don't think you can do all of this now. That is what we are for. We pick up on any areas that could be improved to prevent injuries and to make you the best dancer you can be.
So if you have a dancer who is getting excited about starting pointe work, bring them in for their pre-pointe assessment with one of our dance specialists and we can make sure they get off to a flying start.

Call Bounce Health now on 1300 855 442 to make an appointment. Or book online today with our Pointe Physiotherapist Meagan Carrington with dance experience and expertise. Learn more by heading to our Dance Pre-Pointe Assessment Page.


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