Injury Prevention and the RTP Performance Continuum - 10/11 Dec 2016

What can we do to optimise recovery from injury to reduced risk of reinjury? Are we effectivity monitoring and assessing return to play readiness? How does the brain affect return to play/sport? Can we reduce the risk of re-injury? This event is suitable for physios and exercise physiologists.

Injury Prevention

Using Radial Shock Wave Therapy in conjunction with allied health treatment

Please join us to learn about a system used by elite teams to manage such injuries. Used by all the AFL teams and the IOC clinic at the previous 3 Olympic Games. The technology is providing patients with such great results we thought we would share the research that proves its effectiveness.

Using Radial Shock Wave Therapy

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners supports and promotes physiotherapy in the management of back pain

There is strong evidence that most people with simple back pain, as described in this case, improve rapidly with limited intervention. This article aims to provide a brief description of modern physiotherapy practice in the management of mechanical low back pain, as taught in Australian universities and recommended in clinical practice guidelines.1–3

physiotherapy in the management of back pain

Orthopaedic Surgery for Degenerative Meniscal Tears in Knees - patient options that need to be considered

A recent blog from some reputatble health professionals in Melbourne, and friends of clinicians at Bounce Health Group, raised the ongoing questions about patients who have cartilage tears in the knee when the cartilage (or meniscus) has naturally degenerated.

Orthopaedic Surgery for Degenerative Meniscal Tears in Knees


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