Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are found throughout our bodies and are essential in the natural repair and healing of injuries. With age the number of stem cells declines and repair of injured tissue is not as effective as when we are younger.

By obtaining Stem cells from other body tissues, concentrating them and then placing the cells at the site of injury the repair process may be amplified.

Stem cells work in a complex multi factorial way and are currently being studied by many researchers.

Our Physicians work with the Regeneus group under the auspices of Professor Ben Herbert of Macquarie University to provide Stem cell treatments. The mesenchymal stem cells we use are derived from your own adipose tissue. Surprisingly to most people fat is a rich source of stem cells.

We are currently using stem cells to treat selected joint and tendon problems such as osteoarthritis and tendinopathy. The procedure involves an initial consultation with a Sports physician in which a thorough discussion about the procedure, your suitability and likely outcomes takes place. The stem cell harvesting and processing takes place in a fully accredited hospital as a day stay procedure.

You will be entered in to a confidential Registry for ongoing monitoring and have a full recovery and rehabilitation program mapped out for you. We have a multidisciplinary approach to maximize your recovery.

We recommend that you explore the website of our stem cell partner Regeneus at

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