Chronic Pain Therapy

Why do we have pain?

Pain is generally quite helpful! It serves as an alarm system to protect us from harm.

Generally it presents itself when tissues get angry and gradually goes away as tissues heal returning you back into enjoying your everyday life.

What happens when it doesn’t go away?

Chronic or persistent pain is the type of pain that hangs around for longer than the normal time for tissue healing, which is generally around 3-6 months. The reasons are very complex and are certainly explored in detail throughout the program. As a result of the persistent nature of ongoing pain many people report a significant impact on their quality and enjoyment of life.

Due to the very complex nature in what encourages pain to stick around, one single health professional has limited ability to change the big picture. When all influencers of your persistent pain are addressed and you are achieving some very manageable goals, pain may lose its status in the body, and you may be better equipped to work towards kicking it out of the drivers seat.

What are we all about?

Pain is the most intimate experience a single person will ever have.

An individual approach is key. We can’t feel your pain, so we are not going to try to tell you exactly what to do.

As your health and well-being coaches we value your unique experience and recognise that each person has a different challenging puzzle to their pain.

We work with you to develop and achieve your goals to better enrich your enjoyment of life.

Together we value your expertise in knowing how you feel and will listen and work together in achieving wellbeing in the face of persistent pain.

Our Bounce clinicians share passion and extensive experience in the management of complex and chronic pain conditions.

Our physiotherapist focuses on improving functional movement patterns to progressively pace towards meaningful activities and goals. In the case of particular pain presentations sometimes this involves graded motor imagery.

Our Psychologist uses Acceptance Commitment Therapy to improve mindfulness and acceptance of pain and related thoughts and emotions. This encourages willingness to commit to taking active steps toward goals which are reflective of your values. Start living in a value driven way now, rather than continuing to let your pain call all the shots.

The Bounce Free program involves inter-disciplinary care with a Bounce Physiotherapist and Psychologist.

Appointments as required with:
  • Bounce dietitian
  • Bounce exercise physiologist
  • Occupational therapy services
  • Affiliated pain specialists

Our program at Bounce

The Bounce Free program is set once a week over an 8 week period to enable integration of tools learnt into daily life and gain a sense of independence.

The program includes weekly:
  • Individual sessions with a Psychologist
  • Group pain education
  • Group functional exercise

*Combined sessions with both Physiotherapist and Psychologist to identify and progress SMART goals may occur in some sessions.


  • Experience of persistent pain for longer than 3 months in duration
  • A willingness to learn and participate in an interactive way
  • Commitment to attend consistently for the duration of 8 weeks
  • Prior approval if worksafe/TAC
  • GP referral into the program outlining medical history*

*Financial assistance may be available under suitable medicare programs.

For more information on our Pain Free programs please feel free to contact Bounce on 1300 855 442. If you would like to arrange a phone consultation initially or simply ask some questions initially, one of our patient clinicians will be more than happy to take your call.

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