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A proper bike fit & body analysis will help prevent injury and improve performance and can be undertaken by cyclists of any level, regardless if you’re a Tour de France winner or a Weekend Warrior.

What are the benefits of having a Bike Fit?

  • Optimise aerodynamics
  • Optimise power output
  • Decrease injury risk
  • More comfort on the road

Why have your Bike Fit by a Physiotherapist?

As physiotherapists, we are experts in physiology, biomechanics and injury prevention and we are able to use our knowledge to maximize your enjoyment on the bike. At Bounce Health, we like to combine our love for the sport with our expertise to give you the best riding experience possible. A bike that is specifically adjusted to your body will ensure that you feel and perform the best on your bike.  Our clinicians are also involved with the cycling community and love a Beach Road coffee too.

What should I bring to my Bike Fit consultation?

  • Bike
  • Cycling Shoes
  • Shorts/Knicks
We have a trainer in our studio and will change over your rear skewer, you can also bring your own skewer if you prefer.

What does the consultation involve?

We will start by getting to know you and your medical/cycling history, any pains and aches you may have and your cycling goals. We will then measure and assess your body and also determine where you might be a bit stiff or weak. Using these findings we will then measure and adjust your bike with the help of video to best suit your cycling goals. Finally, we will work together to plan for strengthening exercises, correction of pedalling technique and gradual bike adjustments to optimise your performance on the bike.

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How long will the consultation take?

1. Basic Bike Fit - $100.00 (50 minute appointment)

Ideal for those who are new to riding or ride less than 100km a week and have no significant history of injury, may suffer from occasional pains and aches when riding.

  • Body check (Measurements and testing of key body parts, finding discrepancies most commonly noted in cyclists)
  • Saddle and Handlebar Adjustment and Reassessment
  • Report
2. Complete Bike Fit - $250.00 (90 minute appointment)
Recommended for those who ride multiple times per week, want to optimise aerodynamics during races or have a history of injury.
  • Comprehensive Body check (Full body check including strength and range discrepancies)
  • Saddle, Handlebar and Cleat adjustment and Reassessment
  • Cycling and Pedalling Technique Analysis
  • Exercise Program to address bio mechanical deficits
  • Report

How can I make a booking?

By calling reception on 1300 855 442, or by booking online at our Blackburn clinic. You may be eligible for private health rebates under Physiotherapy extras cover!

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