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The progression to dancing en pointe is an exciting time for any young dancer, and is a big achievement as well as a big responsibility for our budding ballerinas.

It is important therefore to ensure that each individual dancer is fully prepared for what pointe work entails, and is screened prior to their commencement. This will ensure they are strong enough to commence pointe work, and decrease any potential chance of injury a dancer may have when progressing onto pointe.

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What does a Pre-Pointe Assessment Involve?

When a dancer comes in for their pre-pointe assessment there are 3 different stages:

  1. A Questionnaire - This is filled out prior to the assessment and lets the physio or podiatrist know how many years you have been dancing, what your dance goals are, and what your general health is like.
  2. Physical Assessment - This involves the physio looking at your posture, your foot development, your range of motion, and your strength in different areas of the body.
  3. Functional Assessment - This looks at a dancers control during some basic ballet skills

The physio or podiatrist will then decide from this assessment whether you are safe to commence pointe work.

If you are successful at the time of the assessment you will be presented with a certificate with recommendations regarding pointe shoes and things to work on to ensure your dancer remains injury free whilst dancing en pointe.

If you are unsuccessful, don’t be disheartened, the physio or podiatrist has your best interests at heart and just wants to make sure you are fully ready to go en pointe. So, listen to what they tell you and work hard, most people will pass on their second-time round.

Our Pointe Assessment Therapists at Bounce


John Osborne - Podiatrist

John trained in classical ballet, tap and jazz in his younger days, and toured as a dancer through South East Asia with different shows. John is still very enthusiastic about all things dance and performance, and has a lot of experience treating both dancers and gymnasts. John enjoys working closely with dancers to help them achieve their goals and stay injury free throughout their dancing years.


Meagan Carrington - Physiotherapist

Our dance physiotherapist Meagan has trained in classical ballet, contemporary, jazz, character, and Irish dancing for a number of years. She has performed with various groups and companies around Australia and is currently competing both nationally and internationally in the Irish dancing scene. Meagan loves working with dancers and performers from all walks of life, and will work with your dancer to achieve their goals and make their transition on to pointe as smooth as possible.

As well as pointe assessments, John and Meagan are well equipped to assist your dancer in achieving many of their dancing goals. Whether they have an existing injury, or they want help to improve their turnout control or foot strength, it is always a good idea to keep in regular contact with your health professional to optimise your dancer’s performance and prevent any injuries from occurring.

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